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shutterstock_187812017Arthritis is a condition wherein joint pain and progressive stiffness of joints develops. Symptoms may also include painful swelling and inflammation. This is a result of the wearing down of the natural, shock-absorbing cartilage that cushions joints, either as the result of general wear-and-tear (osteoarthritis) or possibly from a chronic disease (rheumatoid arthritis). If you suffer from arthritis in any of its forms, or if you suspect that you may have arthritis, let the doctors and specialists at Total Health Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center in Florham Park, NJ, properly diagnose and effectively treat your pain.

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Our personnel meet or exceed national and corporate standards, some of which include state licensure, professional liability, credential screening, and continuing education. What that means is that you will be treated by and receive therapy from the best physicians and therapists in the business that have both the knowledge and experience to get you well again.

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