Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

A non-surgical, non-invasive, drug free answer to pain relief

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy™ is an innovative, scientifically based therapeutic treatment. This new technology offers advanced pain relief and speeds healing time through a process known as photobiostimulation. It delivers deep, penetrating, light energy to injured areas to reduce inflammation and pain and increase circulation to quicken the healing process. It is technologically advanced care for a wide variety of patient conditions.

How Laser Therapy Works

Cells that are damaged and poorly oxygenated as a result injury, swelling or inflammation have been shown to have a significantly higher response to Laser Therapy than normal healthy cells. Cells are sensitive to light and when stimulated by deep penetrating laser it creates a cascade of events which results in increased regeneration and healing of damaged cell tissue. Laser Therapy is the trigger for these changes to take place.

Effects of Laser Therapy

Class IV Laser Technology

  • Class IV Laser Technology
  • Non-invasive Pain Relief
  • Immediate reduction of swelling
  • Accelerated tissue growth and cell repair
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved nerve function
  • Stimulation of trigger points and acupuncture points

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