What is Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease?

For most people with low back pain, an injury doesn’t just happen. Instead, over the years, the stress your back has been subjected to begins to take its toll. The repeated spains and strains and overuse add up and cause a slow degeneration of the disc of the spine.

Degenerative disc disease means wear and tear changes in the disc. Nearly everyone has signs of degeneration of lumbar discs after age 40, although some people show evidence of changes much earlier. Some experience no symptoms of this degenerative process, but others will experience backaches, particularly in their lower backs. And in a few people the pain can be severe and if nerves are compressed between the discs, there can even be loss of muscle function.

With a vast range of treatment protocols, physicians can now offer more patients lower back pain relief. The DRX9000 is designed to relieve pressure on the anatomical structures that cause lower back pain. This non-surgical procedure was developed for the treatment of pain and disabling lower back conditions caused by disc hernia ions, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and posterior facet syndrome.

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