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“So all I have to do is stand in a naturally cold tank for 1-3 minutes to experience amazing benefits and results?” Yes! Literally within minutes, Cryotherapy will provide the most amazing results that you have been yearning for.

What benefits are we talking about here?

  • Improved sleep
  • Immune system support
  • Better behavior
  • Nervous system development
  • Brain development
  • Promotes proper growth

Cryotherapy is also known as “cold therapy” and exposes the body to extremely cold temperatures for a short amount of time. However, this coldness is not uncomfortable like when one takes an ice bath. It is a tolerable and comfortable treatment for most. Cryotherapy is one of our most popular services and our patients rave about it.

Marry Massey, a Life/Wellness coach and one of our patients, provided her feedback on the service in an Instagram post saying,

“What an experience! Now I know why some of the top performers I follow do this. It primes your nervous system. For me, it was invigorating and not uncomfortable at all and lasted only 2 minutes.”

Massey supports women in being their strongest - mentally and physically. She loves Cryotherapy among many other services here at Total Health because it supports the positive, healthy mindset and lifestyle that she lives by.

Cryotherapy is so innovative because it only takes a few minutes, but gives you results you have been seeking for a lifetime. It is important to maintain healthy eating, sleeping, and exercising habits to live a healthier lifestyle, but Cryotherapy can give you that little boost that you have been searching for as support, or can treat a condition you may have.

Cryotherapy is fully safe and monitored by professional staff throughout usage. Check out our video below to see how a Cryotherapy session goes down, and then try it out for yourself!