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What is IV Therapy?

IV Therapy is an intravenous (vein injection) administration of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals not achievable by oral administration. IV injections take about 30 minutes to administer. There are a variety of “cocktails” that we offer to address certain needs like weight loss, fatigue, immune boosts, athletic performance, and much more.

IV Therapy at Total Health is more effective than oral administrations because the liquid goes straight into the bloodstream. The therapy guarantees your body’s complete absorption of the nutrients, unlike some prescriptions that interrupt the body’s ability to properly consume the nutrients. IV Therapy especially helps to boost your immune system. During current times with COVID, it is so critical to take care of yourself. Receiving such a Therapy could be what prevents you from catching any illnesses or diseases, including COVID.

IV Therapy at Our Practice

All patients that have experienced our IV therapies have boasted about the amazing results that have benefited their lives. One of our valued patients who is a Life/Wellness Coach, Mary Massey, provided her feedback on her Instagram post about us stating,

“Self Care: IV Therapy. I have been trying several different therapies lately and I’m loving it all! #selfcare is something that was sometimes lacking in my routine but not anymore. Before my session, you can tell how sleepy I sound but I felt a rush of focus when we were done. I was more productive than usual when I got home. I tried the cocktail for fatigue as it contains b12 and amino acids which helped with the muscle soreness from working out.”

It is so vital to put your health as priority every day. Call to schedule an appointment for one of our IV therapies to help better yourself mentally and physically!

Below are the different types of cocktails and their benefits that we provide here at Total Health:

  • Myers Cocktail: Benefits overall health and well-being.
  • “Fountain of Youth”: Anti-aging/Restorative
  • “Game Day”: Athletic Performance
  • Energy: General fatigue
  • Cleanse: Detoxification/Hungover
  • “Fat Burner”: Weight Loss
  • Immune Cocktail: Strengthens immune system