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What to expect:

  1. Prepare to be seen for your PT appointment for 45-60 minutes each session. The first visit will most likely be longer because of the examination and paperwork.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing that can easily show the symptomatic area and allow full joint mobility of the joints above and below the location.
  3. Think about your pain to give the therapist a clear understanding of what is going on. You will be asked these questions so it could be helpful to take note of the answers prior to your PT appointment:
    • When does your pain get worse? When is it at its best?
      • Sitting? Standing? Walking? Bending? Transferring? Climbing stairs?
    • What type of pain? Does it travel up or down?
      • Burning, shooting, dull or aching, tingling?
  4. What other injuries or surgeries have you had in the past? All information will be relevant and will lead to a clearer diagnosis!
  5. What are your goals for physical therapy? What activities do you want to get back to and better than ever?
  6. There is no such thing as a bad question so ask us anything you feel is important to your care!