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Cosmetic EPAT treatments are a non-invasive method that can help get rid of unwanted features on the body such as cellulite or other connective tissue disorders. This procedure is a safe, FDA approved way to eliminate the inevitable “orange peel” look that can target certain areas on the body. These areas include the thighs, upper arms, stomach, gluteal region, and face. Cosmetic EPAT treatments work through vibrating waves that relax connective tissue fibers and promote collagen production to create an overall firming effect.

How Does Cosmetic EPAT Work So Well?

A common question that patients usually have is, “How does Cosmetic EPAT work so well?” With the help of both the treatment, and the patient's lifestyle afterwards, incredible results can be seen in generally 8 to 12 sessions (1-2 sessions per week). Each session lasts anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes and is pain free. As a patient, your dedication can have a huge impact in seeing maximum results from our cosmetic EPAT treatment. It is important that you try to follow a low fat, low-carb diet and drink 2 to 3 liters of liquid every day. In addition to this, it is beneficial to exercise for 30 minutes each day. Continuing healthier habits post-treatment will make your results greater.


Cellulite can appear as dimpled or lumpy skin on numerous areas of the body. Although it is not a safety or health concern, it is a cosmetic issue that bothers most women and men. Women or men that are of an older age are more likely to have cellulite because the skin loses its elasticity and tightness, therefore it is easier for cellulite to appear. However, it is common for patients to want to get ahead of this negative side effect of aging, which is why this s a popular treatment for all ages. Cosmetic EPAT can tighten skin even if cellulite is not currently visible, and significantly lower the future appearance of cellulite.

There are a number of causes of cellulite. It can be caused by obvious contributors such as pregnancy, poor diet, weight gain, or lack of physical activity. It can also be caused by factors such as hormones, accumulated toxins, aging, and even just genetics. Women especially, deal with visible signs of cellulite as the collagen fibers between the skin and muscle separate to expose rippled connective tissues. Even with a clean diet and frequent exercise, cellulite can sometimes be unavoidable. The unfortunate onset of cellulite can seem defeating, however our cosmetic EPAT treatment is a successful and reliable solution.

Many people turn to home remedies or topical creams to treat their cellulite, but what these methods lack is the elimination of the cellulite altogether. They may provide a very short solution to the appearance of cellulite, but it doesn’t get rid of it. Because the fat cells still exist underneath topical creams, it will only be a temporary fix. The success of these product-treatment “solutions” are limited. Cosmetic EPAT can offer a permanent solution that doesn't require adding another timely task to your everyday routine.

Facial Treatments and Anti-Aging

Cosmetic EPAT can be used on the face! The face normally endures the most damage over the years from sun exposure and harsh environmental conditions, so it usually shows the most skin imperfections that come along with aging. Cosmetic EPAT uses non-invasive technology to eliminate loose skin and facial wrinkles, improve skin tone and the under-eye area, and get rid of double chins or saggy skin. It is a safe treatment for the face and has no recovery time. The process strengthens and improves skin elasticity, resulting in many patients being happier with results of the treatment compared to those who received plastic surgery with a long recovery time. EPAT works on the surface of the skin, so there is no chance of deformities after the procedure. Overall, this effective technology offers a long-lasting solution to aging without the risks of invasive procedures.

Not So Obvious Cosmetic EPAT Benefits

Reduced stretch marks, improved circulation, and muscle toning are all benefits our EPAT machine can have on your body. Stretch marks can appear similarly to cellulite, as it is also a result of a lack of elasticity in the skin and can emerge as rippled lines. This can especially happen from pregnancy, growth spurts, or a loss or gain of weight.

Improved circulation can help increase drainage in the body. Something that goes hand in hand with improved blood circulation is a faster metabolism. Not only can Cosmetic EPAT tighten your skin, but it can also promote a healthier lifestyle by speeding up your metabolism which can be seen in your overall physical appearance.

Muscle toning, another EPAT perk, can offer an overall confidence boost along with body definition. By tightening the skin and muscles in the affected areas, Cosmetic EPAT can enhance toned muscles to give you a stronger and younger look.

Cellulite and other connective tissue disorders can be a nuisance to many lives. The appearance of dimples and lumpy skin affects an enormous amount of people, but that doesn’t make it more tolerable for those living with it. If this is something that you are tired of dealing with and want to finally get rid of, our Cosmetic EPAT treatment can offer you a real solution.

*Cosmetic EPAT is offered at our Montville, Florham Park, and Berkeley Heights locations.


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