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Physical Therapy: A healthcare field of movement specialists focused on the restoration, maintenance, and promotion of proper physical function.

Physical therapy at Total Health is one of our most useful, reliable, and effective primary services. It is so important to maintain your physical health, whether it be post-surgical, to avoid surgery, after an injury, or to regain strength. If you have pain while moving or executing daily tasks, physical therapy could solve those issues with ease. Physical therapy is a life-changing experience that our licensed physical therapists are glad to assist you with.

Our physical therapists:

  • Diagnose and manage movement dysfunction while enhancing physical and functional abilities
  • Restore, maintain, and promote optimal physical function and wellness
  • Enable the ideal quality of life related to movement and health
  • Prevent the onset, symptoms, and progression of impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities that may result from diseases, disorders, conditions, or injuries

When you first arrive to our facility, your symptoms and past medical history will be assessed by one of our licensed physicians. Next, an exam will take place to discover the cause of your symptoms in order to create a personalized treatment plan and schedule. Depending on your complications, sessions will include a variety of manual therapy techniques, specific exercises, and/or modalities like electrical stimulation, laser treatment, or hot/cold packs. During your treatment, we will address any muscle strength or length deficits, joint conditions, or movement dysfunctions that can be contributing to your pain. Physical exercise can also improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Physical therapy is the most effective way to gain back your strength and do what you thought you no longer could. Physical therapy is not just physically beneficial but can also help your mental health by increasing your confidence and initiating motivation. Our goal is to have you independently perform high level exercise and movement without pain to resolve your initial symptoms and to prevent further injury. Contact us to start feeling like yourself again.


Meet our Physical Therapists