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Applied Kinesiology

By traveling through the nervous system and other interconnected biological pathways, a disorder of one part of the body may eventually begin to trigger discomfort in another seemingly unrelated part. The holistic practice of kinesiology was designed to determine how and where a problem began and work to contain and control it.

Many patients at Total Health have benefited from kinesiology therapy, which can relieve musculoskeletal conditions that cause problems in various areas. After a thorough consultation through which our expert team will learn about and evaluate your physical, chemical, mental, and structural wellness, we will determine a comprehensive course of treatment, which may include acupuncture or massage therapy, custom tailored to suit your comfort level and lifestyle.

If you are suffering with pain, weakness, or any kind of discomfort for which you cannot confirm the cause, the holistic approach of applied kinesiology may be just what you need from our team at Total Health.

*Total Health offers Applied Kinesiology in Berkeley Heights.