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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

While our deep tissue laser therapy works in a similar fashion to inpatient laser surgery, the low-level laser used by our Total Health team provides safe, painless, and noninvasive treatment without the inconvenience of a lengthy recuperation time. An excellent treatment for arthritis, as well as other types of inflammation, injury, and/or swelling in cartilage, discs, labrum tissue, ligaments, and tendons, it is a popular alternative for people who would like to alleviate their pain while avoiding complicated operations, prescription medications, or uncomfortable convalescence.

If you are experiencing physical pain similar to what is described here, talk to someone on the Total Health team. We will listen to all of your concerns and create a treatment regimen and session schedule that suits your lifestyle.

*Total Health offers Deep Tissue Laser Therapy in Florham Park and Berkeley Heights.