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Pain Management

Pain Management

For many people seeking solutions to severe and/or chronic pain, committing to a surgical operation or even prescription medication is a last resort. If this aligns with your mindset and you are suffering with pain, please be sure to contact us. At Total Health, we offer pain management treatment options performed by professionals skilled in various therapies that can alleviate discomfort and even slow the progression of some conditions.

Our Total Health team will take the time needed to listen to and understand your symptoms, concerns, and goals. After a thorough exam, and based on your lifestyle, current health and medical history, activity level, and schedule, we will determine a regimen that may include one or more of the following services:

If you are experiencing pain that imposes limits on your lifestyle and goals, and are seeking pain management treatments, please be sure to contact us. We will do everything we can to understand your concerns and, more importantly, correct your discomfort.

*Total Health offers Pain Management solutions and treatments in Florham Park and Berkeley Heights.